About Us

Who are we

Perfections is the number one distributor and supplier of beauty and grooming products in South Africa and beyond. Our products include but not limited to Acrylic Powders, Acrylic Monomer and related nail and grooming products.We as Perfections we pride ourselves in the great quality of our products, we are regarded as efficient by our clients. Consistency and dedication drives our relationship with our clients and the whole team.

Our Vision

We strive to be the preferred consistent supplier  of the beauty and cosmetic products in the industry, by supplying our products at a competitive prices yet maintaining excellence and quality.


Our Mission

We remain in contact with our clients learning and absorbing their individual needs.  We deliver on time as promised. Our prices are highly competitive yet quality is not compromised. Our teams’ level of enthusiasm and enterprising ability is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our exceptional service and product knowledge has enabled us to retain all our clients in the industry.


Our Values

Our core values are our driving force behind the wheel of Perfections namely:

Exceptional – we are not typical, we stand out from the rest

Excellence – our service is outstanding and our products too

Expressive – our product knowledge exceeds our clients expectations

Enterprising – our team is very resourceful and shows initiative where the client is concerned

Enthusiasm – we are driven by passion and are always eager to be of service.